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Allegra Expression

allegra6My works with Allegra continue…

F.U. Origin Sneak Peak: Freddy Falls onto a Missile

freddy_caught_missileDon’t worry, Freddy is A O.K.! just part of the exciting story telling. Every night: 40 minutes here, an hour there, it’s coming together.

Allegra at the Door – 13 Rooms

allegra_13rooms1I am returning to the 13 rooms story line…thanks to Allegra, more to come.

Series Allegra 3

allegra5As I work my way through these reference photos I have taken between sketches from Saturday, various ideas I wish I had thought of 3 days ago came rushing into my head, maybe that’s how we work: coming up with ideas afterward, maybe that just means I need to work with her again. 

Patricia Eating An Peach

patricia1Not only did Patricia came all the way down from Rockland on a Saturday to work with me, she even bought some delicious peaches for me, I figure it would be fun to have her eat one while I captured the moment. Thank you Patricia.

Allegra 2

allegra3Here are two more studies I did following my time with the wonderful Allegra, check out her tumblr site




allegra1aIt was a pure joy to hang out and work with Allegra this weekend, She came all the way from London and was kind enough to spend some time with me. I introduced her to Katz deli and Lombardi Pizza, I hope I did New York City Justice food wise. She is funny, smart and just a joy to work with. For those of you following me in UK and Europe, please work with her! You will be happy!!




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