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Subway Series Hybrid: Inspired by photo taken by my friend Lola

imageSo my friend and muse Lola texted me this photo taken during her ride to work. I loved everything about this gentlemen. Below is my sketch based on Lola’s photo, a little different process, still the same subway series, thank you Lola!


F.U. Origin Sneak Peak: Little Len Waking Up…

In the story, I wanted to give the readers a little peak into the daily routine of the Bearstein household, Mom getting Len and Freddy up for school while Chef Bearstein dealing with customers out front in his little donut shop. Below are some concept arts for Len looking sleepy and he doesn’t want to go to school today…


(Original Sketch: Pen)

len_sleep3(Water color Progress)

len_sleepy2(Other study of Len getting into shower, before and after)

R.I.P. Pearl Paint

imageIt’s not news to me, but still sad to see the sign tonight as I walk pass the empty store. After graduating, I sort of hit a social low spot in life: I didn’t really like my job, wasn’t living in the city exactly, all of my friends were scattered across the country. Somehow, once a month, taking Metro North into the City to buy art supply always warmed my heart, it’s not because I get to pick out what colors i wanted, but…it’s the crackling noises Pearl Paint’s old stairs made when I make my way up to 4th floor that made me smile. They were the same noise my old painting studio stairs made back at Cornell. that old lovable studio building right next to Johnson Museum of Art. I guess for a brief second I felt like I was back in school and all is safe and warm. I know, all things change, store opens, and closes. Here is to you and your stairs plus millions of colors and brushes, and all the staff who worked there, R.I.P. Pearl Paint

A short Comic on Giving During Holiday Season

bbg_comic_holiday2I had this great opportunity at work to come up with a comic on what charity means during the holiday season. I think it’s all about getting the ball rolling and keep doing it. The action doesn’t have to be big or small, as long as you do it: It can be giving up your seat to an old lady on subway or spending 3 hours at a soup kitchen, as long as you keep doing it beyond December, into next year, and the year after, little bit here and there, then I think the world would be a better place.

We go food now!!

wegofoodThe origin behind this image of me looking so sexy can be traced back to my Acacia  fraternity days in Cornell university circa 1993 to 1997. Taco Bell was in and zima was all the rage ( look it up kids) pearl jam wasevery where. One of the ritual in my house was piling into various cars and drive down to our beloved Taco Bell  ( bill Kelly and your bean tacos. Still remember your farts) however. To get a dozen guys into cars actually turns out to be a bigger challenge then one would think: one is on the phone while the other is playing mortal combat. It usually took 45 minutes to get everyone going. So I finally had enough and started yelling “lets go now!” Or “let’s get food now ! ” eventually in the name of efficiency. I started screaming “WE GO FOOD NOW! ” and somehow that did the trick! And it even became a pledge question for some years. So Marco, Tom, Bill, Todd, Matt, and everyone else: to you who are my brothers, and…WE GO FOOD NOW!!!

(P.S. It’s Now In T-SHIRT form!)



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