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Subway Series: Blank

sub_dotI kind of like how it turned out given the time I had with her before she step off the G train tonight.

High Res. Scan Version of the Last Le Mer Series

waterpressurec1c2c3As I waited for the latest F.U. page to dry, I decided to finish scanning this painting. Larger than the usual size I work with. Took me a while.

F.U. Origin: Construction Vehicles

fu_vehiclesThe F.U. Origin story take place during Power City’s¬†reconstruction period. So I wanted the whole place look like one giant construction zone, above are some of the vehicles we see moving around in the background. I want the audience to see the city grow up just like Freddy and Len did in the story.

Subway Series: Zen = ZZZ

subway_series_oneshapeI did this quick sketch tonight, barely had time to get out of the subway before doors closed.

F.U. CRIMINAL FILES: #38747-0938A Crustacean Buzz Saw a.k.a. Sam Mills

fu_buzzsawA former Federation armor division driver, Sam Mills modified his factory work outfit with several chain saws he has stolen as well as a blow torch as well as some wheels and a small vector thrust engine he bought from Big Al’s Junk yard and turned it into an one man tank. At first he used it to fight the happy boy gangs, much to Freddy and Leonard’s delight, but soon Sam realizes he can just well rob banks with it and turned to the side of evil….and becomes another enemy to the F.U. Donuts Crew.¬†

special thanks to my friend Steve for coming up with the name “Crustacean”

Glass Olive Progress 10/26/14: Working on skin tones hiding under black stocking plus furniture.

glass_olive_progress_10_26_14So I worked my way down to Glass Olive’s legs and their relationship to the sofa and leg rest. I spent about 3 hours on figuring out the right texture which Glass Olive’s ivory skin covered up with black stocking. It took a while and I still don’t think I quiet got it right just yet. So I moved on to outlines of other furniture pieces. A shout out to this company call tightrope, which I saw their products at Brooklyn Flee yesterday, and I draw inspiration of the lamp from their works.


Here are some closer shots of today’s progress:



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