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F.U. Origin: Salute On The Street Via An Establishing Shot.


This small moment came into my mind Tuesday Night around 1:30 in the morning as I was about to pass out, I quickly wrote the image down on the back of a panel: As Freddy and Len make their way to school, we see a series of shots establishing up and coming streets and neighborhood of Power City, still mostly under construction using parts fallen from the Mother Bomb (She didn’t explode, but just fallen apart) Len and Freddy sees a Vet limping down the street and offers the wounded man a simple salute, the startled vet quickly return the salute, thanking Len and Freddy for the quiet dignity and pride for his sacrifice.


F.U. Origin: Progress Snap Shot


Slowly, it’s coming together…


Subway Series: Painter Anita

anitaShe is a lot prettier than I could do her justice. it was a nice weekend meeting more than one artist on the train.



Olive In Pencil

olive1 OLIVE2  OLIVE4


Back to Glass Olive


Subway Series: Another Artist Drawing Away.


It’s always nice to know I am not along putting lines on paper between subway stops, and that there is a group of us keep on drawing between doors open and close, I caught this fine artist drawing away on the G train. 

Subway Series: Sleep Until I Get Home


They should come up with an App that reminds people on their cell phone or tablet when their stop is coming up so they don’t miss them.


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