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Robots Marching

robot_marching_highresI took half hour break from F.U. Donuts today to work on this, added more gizmos to their chests. Now back to regular programing.

Patricia with Apron

patricia_new2apatricia_new1apatricia_new3aIt took 4 years to work with Patricia, it was worth the wait. A nice way to start this Sunday afternoon painting wise.


fu_tac_withdrawThis joke came from an old co-worker named Scott who was a Captain in the U.S. Marine! I think it fits nicely with the personality of the F.U. Crew: While Verona can be quiet, but when she is pissed, she goes all the way, meanwhile. Len talks a lot of big talks, but he is also smart enough to admit when it is time to get out of the dodge! Trust me, the F.U. Crew will have plenty of time to run towards and away from dangers. All depends on who is in charge.

F.U. Origin: More Birth of Power City/Debris Falling Sequence Sketch

FU_ORIGIN_BOMB_FALLINGBetween the instruction menu, orderly style sketch from yesterday and this chaos sketch, I am trying to find a some what smooth sequence within Freddy’s dream to guide the viewers into the world of Power City. This will serve as the base for a longer sequence in the actual Battle of Dunhill sequence in Book 1

F.U. Origin Concept: Assembling A Power City Apartment

FU_ORIGIN_ASSEMBLING_BUILDINGIn Freddy’s dream, we also witness the birth of Power City, this is a sketch I did in the last two days trying to figure out if it would work visually by trying to make the image look a bit like any assembly instructions. I wanted to show the viewer how each apartment is being put together with hollow out bomb casing as her frame. Just want to test it before I paint the page.

Subway Series: Half finished…

subway_2Not a good day when it comes to subway series, people keep getting up, oh well. Did spend sometime in the park, that was lovely. Happy Sunday to you all!

F.U. Undercover: Leon Max Casual Wear,and more…

leon_max_coat2“All right thugs, pick your pain!” Inspired by Brooks Brother’s fall/winter men’s outer wear line, Mr. Max’s outfit is both stylish, elegant and bullet proof. His shoes contain hidden cameras for those extreme close up after kicking criminals in the face. His walking stick shoots black oil and smoke, while the inner lining of his wind coat contain a small armory of kick ass.¬†Often used as a tactic to lure criminals out of dark street corners, don’t let Mr. Max’s expensive suit fool you.


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