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F.U. Origin Sneak Peak: Sergeant Jacob

freddy_dadThis marks the first official appearance of Freddy’s Father Sergeant First Class Jacob BEAR20140214R in the F.U. Origin. There is a reason why instead of a last night, Sergeant Jacob has a long serial number, that will be explained in the story. For now, we find him in the midst of the biggest battle he has ever seen.



Maija in her Latest State

image21I felt a bit under the weather last night, tried to press on with F.U. donuts a little bit, came up with a poster, but decided to turn around and face the long delayed painting on my easel and spent the rest of the night working on this painting, made little progress.

F.U. Origin: A Message from the Human League


In the story, Human League will be the toughest enemy Leonard, Freddy and Verona will come up against during their adventures. The Human League aim to divide, control and insert their power to all corners of Power City while Len, Freddy and Verona unit through their donuts as well as their night time activities. However, they are far worse as than the threat Cyprus Fist would present because they hide behind beautiful smiles, well prepared words, beautiful marching music plus loud as well as quiet speeches. I borrowed heavily from various Neo conservative “family value” groups of present day that always have certain hidden agenda, as well as the Nazi party of yesteryears. We learn about their plan from Ms. Linnane and their desire in securing the leadership position for human while continue to use talkers as servants if not worse. Of course, propaganda being the Human League’s best weapon, above is one of their posters showing “Our Future.” under the right order.


F.U. Origin: Freddy’s Make Shift Crime Fighting Suit Mk1

SUITS2 copy

Hey, everyone has to start somewhere, Tony Stark built his Mk 1 suit out of spare missile parts, in a cave under pressure of terrorists, Freddy and Leonard used school text books to beef up their sports pads for extra protection, while converting practice ball launchers into firing boxing gloves, as for that little toy in his hand, it is inspired by field hockey stick for a game that has yet to be named, the front net/shovel part can flip in 90 degrees fashion and the net pops out when it is needed to catch the ball. Freddy just added a chain link and turn it into sort of a Bruce Lee style nunchucks. Below is Leonard’s make shift suit.

SUITS1 copy


F.U. Origin: Freddy’s New Helmet

HATI never felt Freddy got the right Helmet, let it be the earlier armor helmet when I first started F.U. donuts or this one he uses to skateboard and later on dabble in upholding Justice with, something has always been missing. But I think with this one, I am a lot closer than what I want. Still trying to figure out what function I should offer to the extended fins on each side of the helmet? To slow down? Perhaps, we’ll see, for now, this will be Freddy’s skating helmet.

Subway Series: Girl With Yellow Sun Dress

YELLOW_1I included a patch of yellow to show you the exact color that made her dress stand up in the morning commute. 


F.U. Origin: A City In The Making – More Details About How Power City Was Built

public_schoo11_sideviewThis is my latest attempt in trying to visually present the life of a typical Power City building, in this case, a side view of Public School 133 where Len and Freddy attend. On the Right is a side view (sliced open) diagram of the school showing various levels, support structures and entrance building as well as track/gym facility that is created out of the crater caused by the building’s former life as a massive, 10 storied high bomb, which is show at the moment of impact on the right. The transformation came about as more and more people make their way to the young city, and the cheapest way to come up with the solutions is to tap into the one thing that is the most abundant: discarded, scattered, dormant, super sized bombs.

ps133Above is a general view of the school entrance from pervious design. I want the school to be slanted and remained that way since it would cost too much to lift it upright, Various class rooms are carved out and added on to the massive metal shell. This is why most of buildings within Power City look like the way they do.

og_len_classroomLen and Freddy at their class room

deskMiss Linnane’s desk, also made out metals from the bomb shells, but I wanted to look intimating, as something an elementary school teacher shouldn’t have to show her unique status.

tractorFinally, the massive Crane Tanks used to build the city, these tanks are converted from Alliance killing machine and pretty much built the entire Power City from scratch, with 4 observation posts on top and 4 on the bottom, this massive machine requires a team of 50 works to operate, but it can lift up a 15 storied high bomb casing without any problems.

pcityPower City under constructions

So I hope this post give you a little more glimpse into Power City during her younger years, like a hidden character, the city grow up along with Len and Freddy, out of debris and scarp metals, a home is made for all.









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