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Subway Series: Sleep Until I Get Home


They should come up with an App that reminds people on their cell phone or tablet when their stop is coming up so they don’t miss them.

F.U. Origin: Morning At The Bearstein Household


Sorry guys for not posting anything in the last two days, I will make it up as I move forward, above are the sketch panels that take place after Freddy wakes up from his nightmare, it’s a typical tuesday in the Bearstein household, Chief is already busy baking donuts while Mom gets the boys ready for school, Freddy realizes he torn up his pillow during due to his nightmare, only to be told by Mom (Mrs. Bearstein) “It’s only a pillow, Freddy, and it’s only a bad dream.” Freddy comments on how he wish he didn’t have claws, but Mom told him that everything he has, and everything he learns will become handy and necessary someday, and he is perfect as the way he is.” Getting Len up is another matter, we see them brushing their teeth, eating breakfast, sliding down the staircase railing (much to mom’s disapproval) and going out the door. Just wanted to show Len and Freddy’s normal, happy childhood, a slice of good after all the tragedy. 


Subway Series: Sitting

sitI was going to draw the two other people sitting next to her, but they got up and left.


F.U. Origin: Freddy is Having a Bad Dream


Chaos! Mayhem! We all had dreams like that, so vivid you can taste it, yet there are bits and pieces that just don’t quiet fit. Freddy is having one of those dreams, he is floating and baring witness to the Battle of Dunhill, the last, the biggest game changing event that ended the war. But this is a nightmare for Freddy, it is also a tool for me to give readers a glimpse into the birth of Power City via the total destruction of the Mother Bomb. The nightmare finally ends with Freddy falling back into his own bed, while we see metal beams, bomb fragments fall into places to form various buildings that make up the city, including his own home and bedroom.


Subway Series: Meeting the Voice behind Popcandy

whitney2Thank you Whitney for being my model this morning on the ride into works. Your site totally works! 

Please check out her site at popcandy.usatoday.com


Inspired by My Friend B’s Naked Selfie



Hire her, she is a fantastic artist and model and photographer!

Octopus Mouth:


So I did a few drawings of Octopus/Kraken few days ago, and I think somehow that evolved into this. Not sure where is will be going, but should be fun


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