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F.U. Donuts Gadgets: Daisy Chain

fist_donutsaI figure to kick off the post turkey coma and Black friday fever by presenting the latest in crowd fighting/force multiplying solution: The Daisy Chain. When you have to fight a gang of up to 30 happy boys thugs and you only got Freddy and Verona to back you up. sometime a little extra flying fists, arrow net firing off from belly crossbow plus two drone launching sets can become handy, granted, you best steady yourself for the combo shock waves, so a good foundation drilled into the ground your standing is your best bet for a quick and easy total knock out before the cops show up! 

Happy Thanksgiving from me and the F.U. gang

fu_thanksgivingI am thankful for all of the kind, generous support friends, families, strangers have shown me this year, I am thankful for the good health and safety of all my love ones, families, and friends. I am thankful I got a roof over my head, full belly, work, and solid people to be around that make me a better person, thank you to all, and Happy thanksgiving!!

We all live on top of other people’s sweaty backs.

linkI am a fan of Joe Rogan’s Podcast and the subject of conflict minerals often come up during his conversations with various people who are way smarter than I am. If you use a computer, a smart car, or smart phone, you are using devices containing minerals most likely taken out of earth by human labors in war zones. And there is a good chance that they are done by forced labor.


As always, I am way better at images than words. the sketch above is a concept I came up with while watching people texting and reading their iPad while riding on the subway to work, and someone, invisibly, like it or not, the device in their hands tie them to the men, women, and kids who dug up these minerals that runs the machines, often with their bare hands. I am not saying I have a solution to this problem, actually, I am part of the problem since I do have a smart phone and I use a computer, after all, we all live on top of other people’s sweaty backs.


Subway Series: Study between changing trains

sub_study_stairsI caught this young lady sitting on the stairway writing notes as the G train arrives. I loved her oversized scarf wrapped around her head, almost making it disappear into it. 

F.U. Donuts: Lazy Len

sci_fi_lazyAnother invention by Len that came out of him being too lazy (or wanting to be more efficient – his words) by combining Len’s favorite lazy boy chair with a spare engine and half of a robotic walker legs. Len replaced the original foot with plungers so he can climb walls. That is yet to be seen…

Subway Series: Winter Blues

sub_thick_coatHere are some of the fellow passengers I sketched tonight. 

sub_ReadingAlso. I learned today it’s “Pulling One’s leg.” Not “legs.”


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