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F.U. Origin Sneak Peak: GET TO THE CHOPPA!

fuo_sneak1I just had to pay Arnold homage every time I look at this frame! 

fuo_sneak2Or this one…”Quick! Get to the Choppa!”


Subway Series: Taylor

taylor2It was a pleasure chatting with Taylor today on the train, she is opening up her own fashion line. check out her stuff:



Theda with ears

theda_hatIt was a pleasure working with Theda after all these years again this summer.

Lola Spin

lola_spinThe source photo came from our most recent shoot, I just loved how her muscles looked with the twisting motion, please hire her, she is a fantastic model and great friend.


Subway Series: Girl Resting on Her Guitar


Finally…High Res. Version of the Red Hair, the last of the Le Mer Series

redhair1aared_hair1wholeThis is an old piece, which I think I have posted before, but finally scanned it tonight, so here it is in better quality.

Subway Series: Sunday Morning

subway_tired_againHe was tired, I was tired, kind of shows in the way how his left foot sort of disappear. as i was fading as well. thank god i didn’t miss my stop.


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