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Subway Series: Gentleman Butcher


O.K. I guess this one needs a bit of explanation: the original sketch, which is the big hoodie guy in lower left side is an actual Subway Series sketch. the man had a bright red tracksuit on. I am not sure what kind of fabric it consisted of, but it seemed soft. I loved how the hoodie is covering up most of his face like the lead character in Assassin’s Creed and did a quick sketch before I had to get off the train. 

Meanwhile, at work, I was and still am working on this explainer animation about oil/fracking and been toying with an idea of showing a fracking plant on top of the a super sized oil drum and decided to go old school and sketch it out before letting my Mac do the rest. Hence the oil drum and the fracking tower on the lower right. 

I loved how the guy looked and started to adding more to it with a new and full body sketch: I added a coffee cup, something totally out of place compare to the rest of the sketch and a beat up AK-47 just because I have been binging Jack Ryan. So here it is. 

I called it Gentleman Butcher, I just thought it’s a cool name.


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