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Glass Olive Bending

glass_olive_bendI snapped this photo of Glass Olive between poses. I liked how sudden and in transit her body looked. I look forward to work with her again in 2015!! 

Libby In Color

libby_blueThis is a glimpse of what the sketch from the pervious post turned into for the lovely Libby. The size is about 24×18 inches

Libby Staring into the camera

libby_closeupThis is the sketch based on one of the earlier shoot with Libby, back in 2012. I am currently working on a water color piece based on this, while using it as a study, I decided to try new ways to create depth with different lines, thickness and thin. 

F.U. Donuts: Little Caesars

little_ceaserNo one knows what he looks like, but everyone knows Little Caesars cut a bloody path upward through the ranks of the Happy Boys Gang and assumed control of all 9 legions across the Power City. He is constantly battling the Police and has his hands in every single illegal operation you can think of. Gas Mask, Fur hat, a purple coat with fur collar and slippers make up Little Caesar’s wardrobe. His machine gun never leaves his sight, from day to night. Little Caesars is another tough enemy adding to the F.U. gang’s list.

Lola eating grapes between shoots

This moment was captured during a break when I first started working with Lola back in 2012. She bought a Laderhosen with her as prop. We have became good friends since and work together often . libby_eat_grapes


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