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LMW in riding hat 2 kneeling on my chair

STUDY2Here is another Pen and Pencil study from shoot with the lovely LMW

Vex and Her Fox Tail

vex3 vex3sSketches from my recent shoot (A month and half ago)with Vex. Lovely muse to work with, looking forward to next time

LMW Wearing a Black Riding Hat

STUDY1BIt was a pleasure working with LMW yesterday. more to come. 

MaryLeigh Roohan Work in Progress

marylighnOnce a while, if you are lucky enough, you meet an artist and talent that is undeniable and MaryLeigh is the case. My good friend Kelly and Justin host a Sunday night talent show call “Now we are friends” on the lower East side. Despite the setting was noisy and loud. Once MaryLeigh opened her mouth and started singing, everything stopped. Her voice is so unique that the over used term “Old Soul” is the first thing came to my mind despite her age. 

This is a work in progress, based on a photo I taken of her at an event last weekend. Please go and check out her site


trust me, you will take a step back, take a deep breath and say “WOW!”

Subway Series: Big Hair Dude from Brooklyn

bighairI had a surprisingly smooth ride to work on Friday and still had enough time without interruptions to finish this sketch, a very nice combination. By the way. Go see Mad Max Fury Road. It is an visual feast of colors, movements and having the two main characters convey so much emotions with so little words and a selected expressions. Beautiful works all around Mr. Miller. Just beautiful.


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