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Subway Series: Happy 4th of July from a ever bouncing baby girl

baby_4julyAs cute as she is, I felt bad for the mom since for the entire ride, this baby never stopped moving. not crying, always happy, just never…stopped moving…LIKE AMERICA (WOW…see the connection there?) Happy birthday USA.


F.U. Donuts Gambling Hours: Len “Poker Face” Bearstein

pokerface_lenThe stakes are high… all 6 donuts…whats left of a long night of an undercover stake out…what to do? tough competition: Verona “Stone Face” Oslo and Freddy “Lethal Hands” Bearstein. There is no room for family or friends…only winning…all of the donuts…just for me…so I put on my classic “Leonard Poker Face” and Concentrate!


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