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Dimension: 24 Inches (Width) x 19 Inches (H)

Medium: Watercolor

Below are photos taken during painting: 

some of the close up

These two are close up of how the painting is coming. I added more details but need to pull myself back both mentally and physically so I don’t lose the big picture. I picked red because usually I tend to use blue as the main color since it is my favorite. So lately I have been trying to force myself on using colors that I am not too comfortable with and see what happens.

Perhaps it’s because the cold weather here in New York that made me connect the dots between a scarf and a waterfall. I think it worked well here. This is the second time I toyed with the idea of a water fall/ocean wave around my subject’s neck

The plants are a continuing growing theme that I started exploring. I like to let my hand lose and just see what comes up.


fuddblue1aDimension: 24 Inches (Width) X 19 Inches (H)

Medium: Watercolor

One response

  1. Andra.V

    I actually love this red…The plants look carnivorous..How big is this piece?

    February 7, 2012 at 4:22 am

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