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F.U. Donuts: Detective First Class Hank “Jo Jo” Wachowski

det_hankAs I slowly expend the F.U. Donuts Universe, bouncing back and forth between the Origin story and the actual story line, I find myself doing more doodling then usual, over coffee, on the subway, they are all about the little stuff and support characters that fills the Power City streets and offices. Detective Hank “Jo Jo” Wachowski is one of them: A former heavy gunner in the 88th along side Freddy and Leonard’s Dads as well as Cyprus Fist, Hank managed to survive the war to find small slice of piece within the city, he is smart but quiet, sharp but reserved, he is a large part of the “Police Network” that helps out Len and Freddy with information, equipments and whatever it is needed when it is simply too difficult for the Police to handle. With the nick name “Jo Jo” given by his daughter, Hank is an old fashion detective who knows how to read between the lines and a friend to the Bearstein brothers and their donuts.


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