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Drawing From One Park to Another on Sunday

park1 park2











This weekend marked the first day of summer, at least in my opinion, after meeting a friend for brunch, I somehow find myself not too thrilled in the idea of going to the gym, so I did the next best thing by wondering toward Washington Square Park in the NYU/New School heartland. Of course, the park is packed with people, the crazy ones, the not so crazy ones, tourists, locals, students, lovers, families, performers. I set down at a bench and decided to see how many people I can put down on the last page of my current sketch book, like the subway, people come, people stay, read their papers, do their home work, talk on the phone, then leave, another person sits down, checking the folded NYC map, trying to figure out where the hell they are. This made me wonder just exactly how many people managed to set on that particular park bench each year? or since the founding of the park? some only set there once and never visited the park again, while others call it home. I didn’t bother to ask any of the people I put down on the paper, figure on one fine May Sunday, they managed to enjoy a few moments in the sun at this place call Washington Square Park and that’s good enough.

P.S. disclaimer: I totally made up the dialogue  between the girl and the dog owner, actually, the word bubbles were added 3 hours later in another park as I made my way home, after the gym of course, the sun was still bright, and I decided to add more detail to it. So…I am not a dog whisperer, nor am I a mind reader…I will scan it in coming days, for now, these photos are as fresh and raw as they can be. Happy Sunday! Happy Mother’s day, to my mom, miss you.




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