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F.U. Files: #PCPD 233838 – Bomb Squad Unit 12, Victor Grey, Bernie Silverstein and Bomb_Bot Clive

bombs_techsVictor and Bernie were the sole survivor of their bomb disposal unit during the war. Being the best men at each other’s wedding and all, the two old friends have faced countless dangers. After the war, they simply changed uniform and joined the PCPD, and after a while, found themselves as instructors to the younger bomb techs. However, either one of them are the pencil pushing type behind the desk, together. with their chicken shit loud mouth bomb bot Clive, who somehow managed to become part of the Police Union and always seeking disability and early retirement, the Unit 12 of PCPD Bomb squad handles the most dangerous situations, they are among the citizens of Power City whom stood with Len, Freddy and Verona during the climatic battle. Victor, Bernie and Clive helped disarm several key explosives and established 3 safe zones as hideouts for the innocent citizens during the final crisis, freeing up the F.U. gang to confront Cyprus Fist and Twister Blade. 


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