Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

F.U. File: Rightcon Corp MK-19 Mobile Command Center/MEGA-Death Buddha


This is Cyprus Fist’s personal mobile command center, it is a mobile fortress designed to providing her master with the safest artificial battlefield real estate one can imagine. There are some type of weapon covering every part of this goliath along with the ability to fire all of the weapon at once until the last round is fired. It is within this fortress that Cyprus carries out his grand plan for the “rebirth” of Power City. By using this Death dealing machine, Cyprus Fist plans to decide who stay, who goes in his new world.

mega_deathLike a creepy clown, I wanted to cover the exterior of  Cyprus Fist’s personal “Death Star” with a symbol of peace and harmony, as long as all the cannons and missiles stay hidden underneath the smiling face. Before the final plan, she was hidden in plain view within Cyprus’ massive collections of antique buddhas in his warehouse. (Len managed to knock down a few during their escape) When the right moment arrives, the smiling face is quickly replaced with instruments of death. This is going to be the biggest challenge for Len and Freddy, not only they have to find a way to get inside this giant death trap, they have to fight and find their way out, so I made at as menacing as possible.

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