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F.U. Donuts: Character P.O.V. – Cyprus Fist

“Cannon Fodder is such an interesting term, it remind me of snow, something that looks pretty, but soon melts away…You think we will melt away just like snow, like good cannon fodder should, and so many of my brothers and sisters did, just melted away for you as you wish your hands clean. But there is a little, fatal flaw in your thinking: You didn’t make snow, you made Gods, and Gods don’t just melt away, YOU melt away when I say so, You and yours melt away so we can enjoy more room to breath.” – Cyprus Fist, Former Sergeant, 88TH. Founder, Cyprus Industry/Rightcon Corp. 


Cyprus Fist sitting among mountains of dog tags, thinking with rage.

I must confess I get easily sidetracked when I am working on F.U. donuts because I sort of opened up this world full of spaces and questions that need to be filled. For example, I find myself drawing quick sketches of various characters in a moment of their lives that reflect the path they chose and the reason behind their decisions, such as here with Cyprus Fist, the story’s Super Villain. Using larger than life characters, both real and fiction (Malcolm X as well as Magneto)I wanted to give Cyprus some real legit beef to be angry with human race, and the image that came into my head is him sitting quietly among the mountains of dog tags of dead Talker Soldiers who made the sacrifice for absolutely zero, and that, would make me angry as well…Between rage and anger, I also want to see the gears within his head turning, calculating, figuring out what he must do to accomplish the ultimate revenge for his kind and pay human back in full, thus the “Better Tomorrow” project is born.

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