Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

F.U. Donuts: Big Al’s Junkyards Logos

signsAbove are just a few design concept for Big Al’s Junkyards business, as the F.U. crew’s friend and supporter, I wanted to give his business some cool logos. I was a bit split between going for the cheese factor paying tribute to all of those local cable tv day time ads or going with something cool, but still down to earth, not sure if any of these worked, but I wanted to show Big Al as the owner of several junk yards, a construction business (sub contractor) and a towing business. His access to surplus military hardware from both side of the war provided a direct access pipeline for Len and Freddy to build their custom made crime fighting weapons, armors, and equipments, at the same time, I am toy around with the idea that Big Al smelled something fishy about Cyprus Fist’s “Better Tomorrow” project since he too will be have business dealings with Cyprus’s construction business…the plot thicken.



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