Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

F.U. Origin: Lunch Time at P.S. 133

lunchtime2lunchtime1This is part of an ongoing sketch to show the lunch time setting at Len and Freddy’s school. Of course, being the constant entertainer, future donuts mogul and part time crime fighter, it is up to Len to provide the necessary mid-day entertainment to the hungry crowd while Freddy reluctantly assist, next to him sits their friend Emilia, future doctor and scientist with the Rightcon Corp (Hint…hint…) and other yet to be determined friends, in the far right corner, sitting by himself, is the mysterious new kid who just arrived, what’s not in the picture yet are the bullies. My intention for this sketch is to show the social dynamic of various social groups within the school and how their position within the lunch room sort of translate to the plot line as the origin story unfold. My apology for not posting for two days, I was drunk friday night, and worked on the actual origin comic yesterday. I will update this sketch as I add more stuff to it.

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