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Thank you for all the laughters and joy Mr. Williams

mr_williamMy first encounter with Robin Williams was during the summer of 1987, I just arrived in the states, and to say I had some culture shock was an understatement. My first movie in an American theater was Robocop, granted, you didn’t need to understand English to understand the basic plot of Robocop, besides, my older cousin pretty much explained the plot to be before hand. Now, the second movie I saw that summer, and this time all by myself, was Good Morning Vietnam. I was bored out of my mind, so I mustered enough courage and took the bus downtown, where the movie theaters were, I pointed to the movie poster and got my ticket, not knowing a thing about it. (Things were easier back then for a kid to sneak into an R rated movie) So there I was, for 2 hours, being blown away by this walking, talking human animation of a guy named Robin Williams, granted, I still didn’t know a single word he said nor what they meant (thank God for a 13 years old kid. but I soon learned how to say “fuck you” on my first day in the public school system, but that’s another story)Anyway, tonight, I, like most Americans were shocked to find out the passing of a comic legend. My mouth dropped as I read it through my phone. I am sorry you were in so much pain Mr. Williams, especially when you bought so much laughters and joy to all of us. Rest in Peace and thank you. 

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