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F.U. Origin: Tucker the Truck

tuckerTucker is older than most of the kids in his grade, thus making him physically bigger and stronger. He is the muscle of the bullies, usually do whatever he is told. Deep down, Tucker is angry, angry for losing his parents to the war, angry at being bigger than the rest of the kids, both human and talkers, angry at the fact all everyone is afraid of him. When He confronts Klaus, the new kid with a secret, his rage became a tool for others with their own agenda, it isn’t until Len and Freddy’s intervention that made him think for himself. It can’t say a friendship came about because of their fight, but Tucker and the Bearstein brothers stopped being enemy, years down the road, Tucker, now learning to control his angers, would become the boxing champion in Power City, he will run into Freddy and Leonard again, this time as their ally as they faces Cyprus Fist and the Human League led by their old teacher: Ms. Linnane.

I wanted to make Tucker stand up, both emotionally and physically. Anger is his outlet, and punching things become the physical translation of that outlet. Everyone, short of the elites from the capitol were effected by the war, and Tucker is the perfect example. As a talker and an orphan, he wanted a family, and found it within this group of kids led by Aiden, Tucker isn’t bad, he just needed directions. 

champTucker as the champ

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