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Using Red, both as outlines as well as base



I was working on Freddy’s face and the structure below tonight when I noticed how much red I have used for the F.U. donuts series thus far, I must confess red isn’t my favorite color, blue is. And I don’t quiet know when I became comfortable with using red, both as the main color or as outlines to highlight the object I am hooking the viewer’s eyes and attention to. Then I found this painting:

take_offIt is the color rendition of the ink drawing that ended up serving as my banner icon for this blog page. I remember how I struggled in forcing myself to add touch of red into this painting, and somewhere between that moment and now, I some how grew comfortable with the color red. I think I am slowly figuring out how to use it and be able to live with it, but not sure if I got it right just yet. 

takeoff_closeI think I will continue to use red as an outline, now I want to find another color I rarely use and force myself to become comfortable with, maybe Purple?

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