Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

F.U. Origin: Principle McWilliam

principle_mcwilliamA former Artillery officer during the war, Principle McWilliam returned to his old profession as the principle of a newly constructed elementary school. A fair, firm and kind man, he walks around with a cane and hearing aid, all gifts from an ugly war. At first, Principle McWilliam gives in to the pressure from Capitol Government and the influence of Ms. Linnane’s political family to allow her “special program” to have a test run at his school. But in the end, Principle McWilliam chooses to do his job by protecting the kids instead of his career, no matter if they are human or talkers. 

(With this character, I wanted to build a good man whose real characters were buried under a few layers of bureaucratic bullshit, and was easily strong armed by greater power at first, but his love of teacher and yarning for a simply time before the war led him to make the right choice in the end.- note the artillery badge he wears with pride)

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