Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

We go food now!!

wegofoodThe origin behind this image of me looking so sexy can be traced back to my Acacia  fraternity days in Cornell university circa 1993 to 1997. Taco Bell was in and zima was all the rage ( look it up kids) pearl jam wasevery where. One of the ritual in my house was piling into various cars and drive down to our beloved Taco Bell  ( bill Kelly and your bean tacos. Still remember your farts) however. To get a dozen guys into cars actually turns out to be a bigger challenge then one would think: one is on the phone while the other is playing mortal combat. It usually took 45 minutes to get everyone going. So I finally had enough and started yelling “lets go now!” Or “let’s get food now ! ” eventually in the name of efficiency. I started screaming “WE GO FOOD NOW! ” and somehow that did the trick! And it even became a pledge question for some years. So Marco, Tom, Bill, Todd, Matt, and everyone else: to you who are my brothers, and…WE GO FOOD NOW!!!

(P.S. It’s Now In T-SHIRT form!)


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