Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

R.I.P. Pearl Paint

imageIt’s not news to me, but still sad to see the sign tonight as I walk pass the empty store. After graduating, I sort of hit a social low spot in life: I didn’t really like my job, wasn’t living in the city exactly, all of my friends were scattered across the country. Somehow, once a month, taking Metro North into the City to buy art supply always warmed my heart, it’s not because I get to pick out what colors i wanted, but…it’s the crackling noises Pearl Paint’s old stairs made when I make my way up to 4th floor that made me smile. They were the same noise my old painting studio stairs made back at Cornell. that old lovable studio building right next to Johnson Museum of Art. I guess for a brief second I felt like I was back in school and all is safe and warm. I know, all things change, store opens, and closes. Here is to you and your stairs plus millions of colors and brushes, and all the staff who worked there, R.I.P. Pearl Paint

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