Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

Leonard San: Dōnatsu Samurai

samuri_len2Greetings, Happy Chinese New Year, Sorry for being gone without a new posting for 2 weeks. I was on my Annual East bound trip to motherland visiting Dad, Mom and family, Eating none stop and now I am back in this snow town. (What’s up NYC? it was snowing when I left and it’s still snowing when I woke up this afternoon!!) Above is a sketch I came up on my flight back thanks to 80 hours of watching Samurai TV shows while there… Lenonard san, the first Donatsu Samurai….During the Edo Period. Below is the Original version, which included a quick sketch of a mom comforting her crying 1 year old son during flight…As you know, crying baby + the hull of a moving 777 = zero sleep. Oh well, better draw something and not waste time.


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