Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

Subway Series: Homeless Man With a Spoon Full of Peanut Butter

peanutbutterMany thoughts went through my head and continue to occupy me since tonight’s subway ride home. I don’t know if I exploited this man by drawing him on the C train going from West 4 street to Brooklyn. I wanted to give him some money, but wasn’t sure if someone else will just take it from him since he has fallen deeper and deeper into sleep. What motivated me to draw him was the spoon full of peanut butter in his hand. I saw him dig deep into an almost empty jar and came up with a scoop, he tasted half of it and just let the rest stay in his hand. After that, slowly his body just curled smaller and smaller as he falls deeper into sleep. I rarely draw homeless people on the subway, and I welcome any suggestions of guidelines on how I should move forward and do it with respect to them. I hope I am making sense. I still don’t know what happened to that jar of peanut butter, one second it was in his other hand and next second it was gone. 

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