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Grif Dog, Sneakers with Golden Wings and F.U. Donuts Progress All Packed In One Weekend.

len_freddy_getting_readySo this is where the Bearstein Brothers at as of 8pm Sunday night, they are brushing their teeth and getting ready for school in the Power City Universe. Meanwhile, in this world. I had a Grif Dog (Who knew Cream Cheese and hot dog goes so well together after 3 pitchers of beer and 2 shots) (Thank you Anthony Bourdain, I might not be able to travel like you do, but I can take up your suggestions locally)

imageAnd found out one of a million ways to spend $270 in New York City


(No…I didn’t…even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you)

imageOh. Almost forgot…I even found an exact replica of a piece of my childhood memory circa 1984 or 1985…I had this exact Macros robot/F-14 jet back then. Now this was a tough one not to spent $175 on…Who knew you can put a price tag on one’s childhood…Good thing I only started drinking after…thank you Toy Tokyo for taking me down the memory lane. 

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