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Chief Bearstein Redux


“Honest, thoughtful, brave but quiet, kind and wary because of the things he has seen and done, and worries for Len and Freddy like all good parents.” These are some of the personality traits I wrote down when I first started working on Chief turned Donut maker Alvin Bearstein. A former Door Knocker pilot who now lives a quiet life with his wife and two adopted kids: Len and Freddy. Chief Bearstein has an unassuming and friendly quality to him that very few would suspected of his heroic deeds during the war. He is funny and laid back, but also stands up for whats right. The first version of the Chief looked too much like a stereo type jolly happy baker with a comical mustache, as much I loved him, something was missing. So all these time I kept my eyes open to see if anything comes up, and it did, in the form of an Croatian actor named Rade Serbedzija. From Downton Abby to Taken 2. This actor’s steel eyes fit perfectly as the inspiration for Chief Bearstein. So based on his image, I came up with the new Chief. I think I am pretty happy with it now.

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  1. thank you Andrea

    May 12, 2015 at 11:44 am

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