Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

Margot Hug, inspired by the photography of Justin N. Lane



Above is the link to the Original Photo, taken by Justin N. Lane. I wish I have the talent to take better photos when I work with Margot, Instead I find inspiration from the works of more talented photographers. 

Side note: Its always bitter sweet to draw using a pen thats about to run out of ink. I push it extra hard and always have a hard time to toss them out when their time has ended. I push them extra hard and the pens seems to know it and return the favor by giving up all the black inks it has in it’s belly. In this case. tonight’s drawing of Margot was done by such pen. I know I am making it like it has a life, well. maybe it has. I don’t know. I hope I get to squeeze a few more drawings out of it. 

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