Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

F.U. Donuts: Dear Thugs…

gang_lookingdownDear Thugs: I bet you a thousand bucks that you never thought you would be looking up from the ground, all bruised up, dazed with little birds singing and circling above your head while looking up at us when you woke up this morning. You opened your eyes and thought: today is a good day to do some bad things right after coffee and donuts. And yet here we are, you on the ground, us pointing several kinds of pain inducing gadgets at your balls while we decide what do do with you. The lesson of the day to all of you thugs…Don’t bother having coffee and especially don’t waste a perfectly good donut on yourself, because chances are you will end up exactly here, on the ground, looking up at us and begging for mercy. Sincerely, The F.U. gang

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