Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

FU. Donuts Suspect Files: LOLA – The Hostile Panda

LOLA1 LOLA6 LOLA3Unlike the F.U. Gang who follows the principle of non lethal use of force. Lola the Hostile Panda is a true Vigilante who uses automatic weapons. plasma pulse rifles. grenades, missiles, or anything that goes boom against the wealth, corrupt, criminal or anyone whom deems to be evil in her eyes. With 19 bank robbery and 32 armor heists under her belt. Lola also keep 25% of the loot to herself while leave the rest to the general public. She is considered criminal by some and hero by others. Rumor has…Lola was once romantically involved with one Leonard Bearstein, the owner of the F.U. Donuts enterprise….In response, the spokes person for the F.U. Donuts Enterprise screamed into microphones: “WHATEVER!” Meanwhile reporters heard mutter coming from Freddy Bearstein, the co-owner: “Oh no…not her…we need to talk len” Before they stumped off the news conference, Leaving Verona Oslo to answer any further questions with “No comments. have a donut.”

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