Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

F.U. Donuts: Hound Update


the first Hound was designed by Alliance as a prelude to full size robotic troops, they acted as scouts, light attack platform specializing in terrorizing enemy troops. After capturing a dozen or so, the Federation started producing their own versions and putting them up against their distant relatives. After the war, most of them were sold to scrap yards like Big Al’s but some were kept as security guards for personal or property protection. Ms. Linnane apparently keeps a few in her inventory, no one knows why… 

(I started with a super sized metal mouth inspired by the great white sharks, wrapped it in a square head, surrounded by several layers of metal fences similar to the anti-RPG armors used by U.S. and British Troop vehicles in the Middle East. Then I added the rest of the body, but the entire time I wanted this creature to be a 360 degrees of death, sharpness at all corners, it will be Len and Freddy’s first life and death test coming up against a small posse of these deadly machines)


Concept Design as of Dec. 2014


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