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F.U. Donuts Origin Sneak Peak: The Vet

FU_VETsalute_Vet5saluteI have been addicted to Netflix shows on chefs lately, of course I would be, after all…just ask anyone who knows me and they will say, Ray go FOOD anytime. That been said, one term they keep using in these shows are “FARM TO TABLE” I guess what I am posting here is a bit of my own version of Farm to Table…I had this idea of a very small transition scene about Len and Freddy encounter a homeless or wondering Vet on as they make their way to school, and they decided to do something nice for him. The scene of Veterans play a big part in the F.U. donuts universe: how do you treat them when the war is over, where are their places in a society been slowly rebuild out of the ashes? I might not have the perfect answer, but I am going to start by building a small scene with it. So the sketches were done about 2 years ago? and the half finished panel is where I am at, where the Vet enters the scene in among the street crowd.


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