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Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence


I rarely do celebrity fan art of any sorts, but today was a sad day with the passing of         David Bowie so I like to remember him in my own way. Unlike his more famous characters such as Ziggy Stardust or Laborinth, it was Major Jack “Strafer” Celliers, a prisoner of war in a Japanese work camp during World War II that first caught my attention. The movie was “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence” and the year was 1983. I was about 9 or 10 years old when I saw this movie. Even as a child, the idea of passive resistance and what an utter waste this thing we can war is made a strong impression in my mind and Mr. Bowie’s quiet performance added that much more depth into this work of art. So here is to you: Merry Christmas Mr. Bowie.

#merry christmas mr lawrence


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