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Mom and Dad Ordering dinner at Miyazakiken Hyugashi Tsukadanojo Keihankuzuhaten


So it we had one day left on our vacation and no real plans to go anywhere in particular. After seeing one more temple, (I will write about that visit in a later post, which was a fantastic experience also) Dad decides to take us and hop on a train and just randomly pick a spot within the 310 Yen train ticket range to get off at as we ended up at Kuzuha. Much to our surprise, we were treated to a Mega Southern California style Mall with a 12 screens theater, a KFC and GAP. Strange to say, after seeing about 2 dozen temples and shrines (At least 6 were registered world heritage sites) We were all happy to spent a few hours in a state of the art mall looking at stuff. Dad even bought pillows for everywhere as gifts (they sure are comfortable). By Dinner time. We found this eatery underneath the Kuzuha train station called Miyazakiken Hyugashi Tsukadanojo Keihankuzuhaten and decided to give it a try. Apparently the idea of “farm to table” isn’t an exclusive American one. This eatery chain was founded by a working chicken farm and everything on the table came straight from there. Below is their business card:



I must admit, it’s been a while since I had such fresh eggs and pretty much everything we ordered were top notch even down to the free miso spread they give us to use on the freshly picked cucumbers. So if you ever find yourself in the Kuzuha train station just outside Kyoto and in need of some dinner, head downstairs and walk to the end of the food stalls alleyway, stop before you see the golf school sign and turn left, I think your stomach will thank you. Below is a link to their site.

Miyazakiken Hyugashi Tsukadanojo Keihankuzuhaten

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