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Justin and Kelly’s Wedding Portrait AKA Daredevil & Spider Woman VS. Daleks


#Daredevil  #Spiderwoman  #doctorwho  #Dalek  #Exterminate

So my good friend Justin and Kelly are getting married, and they are possibly the biggest comic book/Sci-fi fanI have ever met in my entire life, so it is only logical to do something different and unique when it comes to their wedding portrait. So I started the planning stage about a year ago, asking Justin to pose for a photo during a seafood festival (See image below)


Using that pose as the basic structure, I placed him in the Daredevil custom (Since this is my first attempt in a fan art, please excuse me if I got any detail wrong regarding this beloved comic book character)

Then I asked Kelly to pose for me and combined the two photos to from the basis for my reference photo (See Image below)


So now I have the blueprint of what I am looking for, I went to work and started with a few sketches of them using pen and inks.


After I am happy with the overall structure, I started to work on the actual painting.

Below is a short progress animation I created through out the entire production period (Actual painting times 5 weeks)

It was a super fun project to work with, and it’s funny how the progression moved from Justin and Kelly looking lovely at each other to Kelly and Justin about to start a fist fight. During this time I was greatly inspired by the various Captain America Civil War posters and added a circular pattern for a while into the painting before removing it. The movie’s sound track “Sharks don’t sleep” also was the companion for many hours during my production.



Congratulation to Justin and Kelly on their upcoming marriage and many many many happy years to come!





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