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F.U. Donuts Sneak Peak: Protesters



I thought I had a good idea of what an average mob of protesters look like since you see them regularly in the news these days, but I decided to dig a little deeper and spent a few minutes looking at various protests photos from around the globe and came away with the conclusion that I know nothing about public demonstrations. 1) There are smokes, various colored smokes generated by protesters, 2) flags, loud speakers and hoodie with sun glasses and masks are standard uniform of the protesters. Like their Police counter parts, the protesters are equally scary looking and intimidating. I am very happy with my decision to dig a little deeper regarding this subject before moving on to the next page and because of viewing these images and watching “Children of Men” again for the 12th times, I ended up altering a subplot line which significantly effected little Leonard’s motivation on his chosen path to become a donut eating super hero, or super-ish hero.

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