Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

F.U. DONUTS: Bob the Truck Driver Protester



This is Bob, he is a talker (Bear), was a tank driver during the war, now runs a small trucking business going back and forth between Capital and Power city as well as 10 other destinations across the Federation. He has a family, a wife and two daughters (We will not see) and his cat named Linus, who accompanies him on various trips. Like all Veterans who fought and lost so much during the war, Bob is naturally angry and the influx of his former enemy into Power city. Despite having their titles changed from enemy to refugees, Bob’s anger and mistrust towards them continue despite being a decent honest guy, so like so many citizens, he joined the protest march on kicking out these so called refugees. 

This sketch started out as a simple 10 minutes drawing to get some rough looks down for the mob crowd. Since its a crowd mixed with human and talkers, I wanted some looks for them: They had to be salt of the earth type of characters fed up with what they are been told: that millions of their former enemy are now taking up space in this new found city and will soon be taking over like the old days. Despite being a super minor character, I started having fun developing a back story for Bob, hence adding the cat Linus and the trucker’s cap. I think Bob will end up to be a bigger character than before. He will serve as a launch pad for Leonard that’s for sure. 


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