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F.U. Donuts: Protestors sketch plus Human Cage




Here are some more sketches I did before starting the protest scene when Len and Freddy encounters the angry mob on their way to school. Among the massive crowd of angry mobs are these large cages containing captured refugees who once were enemies; Ignoring the fact that war ended almost 6 years ago, the citizens of this newly founded city continue to see in the flux of refugees not as human but enemies once again bend on taking their home away. So things gets dark, and some refugees are rounded up. The PCPD, under funded and newly formed, can do little to stop them, so backed by wealth, yet unnamed sinister forces, this mob marches across the city and making a statement that refugees are not welcomed here. This encounter provide a sobering reality check for little Len and Freddy, it also shapes their attitude regarding what is right and wrong and open the door to their crime fighting future.

So my friend kelly got me into this new podcast call Embedded  by NPR and one of their episode about gang violence in El Salvador really made a connection with me. Basically in an attempt to challenge the government, Gangs in El Salvador started targeting bus drivers and murdering them, effectively shutting down most of the city. On a personal note, the way the reporter described how the coffee was purchased and consumed (you take a plastic bag, fill it with coffee, tie the top and put a straw through it. Growing up in Taiwan back in the 80s, I used to see that a lot) made an impact on me. Anyway, I am just shocked on how a gang, or mob can take on something as big as a government, and I wanted to place that kind of energy into this story. This evil energy will make Len and Freddy’s final stand that much harder. But I think, doing the right thing is never easy.




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