Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

Subway Series: DOPE



I think I broke my own rules, and my rule for subway series has always been no matter how long I have with the passenger…thats it, if he or she gets off at the next stop, then this 3 minutes will be the only drawing time I have with my subject. If someone carrying 3 suitcases shows up and block my view of my subject, then thats it. However, this past week, this gentleman with one of the coolest cap in the past 12 months stepped in to the cart and I just had to snap a photo. He was nice enough to say yes, and like I said, I ended up doing a ink/watercolor/color pencil sketch of him and fellow passengers. Below is the original photo:


Happy Memorial day weekend everyone, and a special thank you to my cousin Bryan for wearing a uniform so I can draw naked ladies without fear. 

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