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Federal Hill Opening Sequence – A totally FAKE police show

#FederalHill #faketvshow #motiongraphics #exercise 

Credit: Music by the amazing Nicolas Maranda for the equally Amazing French Canadian Television Police drama 19-2 (This is their Overture) 
So I always wondered if I can create an opening for a television Police drama in the tradition of Law and Order, NYPD Blue, Flash Point, True Detective and of course 19-2. So It is obvious that all of these images are inspired by great designers like Patrick Clair (Who won an Emmy for the True Detective Open sequence, which I draw great inspirations from) The tools I used here are after effects (Composite) C4D (3D animation) Illustrator (Vector) Photoshop (Still Images) Again, this is just a personal project to see if I can use some of the skills I learned lately and combine them to create something interesting. I have no rights to the music or I am not making any money off this, again, this is just a practice to see if I can do it.







(P.S. In a bit of crossover – this show is created by none other than Leonard Bearstein, the founder of F.U. Donuts/ crime fighter of Power City, a comic book which I am currently working on, like I said, this is all fake and a mere practice)


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