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F.U. Donuts Sneak Peak: Pg 33 Top 5 Panels



Its been an interesting creative process working through this Power City street protest/riot scene for me. One one hand, you have an innocent daily journey involving little Len and Freddy going to school on their skateboard while the mischievous brothers testing out their sky hook shoulder harness like Spiderman. On the other hand you have this massive, organized HATE parade/protest made out of mostly citizens, both humans and talkers, carrying captured refugees who were once hated enemies from a war that no one really won to the city gate and expelling them from this newly created city, it really is a super sized refugee/temporary housing settlement for everyone (even the vets on the side that won the war by a Capital Government that really don’t care and are fascist by nature.) So mixed into my creative process are the ongoing election cycle where xenophobia is on open display and with shameless pride by some idiots disguising as patriots. I just simply had too many images in my head I would like to squeeze into this sequence. But, after much internal chaos. I finally settled on going back to the basic and asked myself what is the point of making this scene in the first place? The answer? The foundation of Len and Freddy’s desire to fight for the weak as super hero, or super-ish heroes. Len sees the caged refugee girl and was powerless to do anything about it (Its sort of like the Uncle Ben dying moment but less) for him, while Freddy, who is much more in line drawn by the war that just ended, saw more of an enemy in the cage then a little girl and her family just trying to start over. These two ideas will come back to a head on collision…

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