Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

My Take on Trump



This is what I think of Trump: A merchant of fear that sells a product of hate wrapped in xenophobia echoed with empty, meaningless but loud words. Of course, we have seen people like him before in history, over and over ago. Maybe, just maybe, people like Trump is sort of like a test for humanity by someone upstairs to see if we pass or not. If we can collectively see through his bullshit and deny him access to the biggest power of them all, perhaps humanity as one may advance a small, tiny step forward and onto some kind of enlightenment where reason, logic and compassion tear down walls and borders. But If we allow fears to grow and fall victims to his noises, perhaps we would take a step backward and suffer all of the side effects that comes with it. No matter what, button line, you just don’t insult a Gold Star family you dumb fuck. 

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