Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

Italy 1996



I was lucky enough to have spent some time studying in Rome during my Third year at Cornell, this was a long time ago. We lived in the Trasteere and walked across the river to our classroom at Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne (See below)Parione_-_palazzo_Massimo_alle_Colonne_1000334

(Source: Lalupa via Wiki)

We traveled North and South, and I remember I keep seeing these discarded fruit and veggie wooden crates around markets near my house, so I started experimenting  oil pastel on them and ended up taking two pieces back with me. I never probably taken photos of them until today, so here they are: On the very top is the Crying Virgin Mary, I don’t remember where I got the reference from, I think it was from this church in Northern Italy that only a single wall depicting the crying Virgin survived the Allied bombing during World War 2.

And below are just water splashing around the Tiber river



I tried to copy the style of Japanese wood carving and fuse it with what I saw in Italy. Anyway, just a short trip down Memory lane. I often wondered how my former classmates are doing right now, hope they are all happy and well. I am happy to say my professor at Rome, Kay Walkingstick is having her solo show at the National Museum of the American Indian. Please check out her works!



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