Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

F.U. Gadget: BLOB Ring




The BLOB RING is the latest invention from Professor Olso (Verona’s father) It serves several purposes: temporary holding cell for criminals, temporary shelter from incoming projectiles (from 44mm rockets, small diameter missiles to various calibers of bullets, no plasma beam weapons though, it will cut through it like a…Jello) The ring act as an material generator and enlarge the size of the rubbery square based on the amount of force and the distance you toss it afterward. Thus the harder you swing your arm, the bigger the square block becomes. It has saved F.U. crew countless time during firefights while buying precious time for the gang to come up with their next move. It also serve as a sound barrier so Freddy and Verona often finds Len taking naps in the center of 4 very large blocks so he can rest without being disturbed…(its lunch break after all.)

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