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Mackenzie Davis as Yorkie



I have been telling everybody about San Junipero, the Black Mirror series episode on Netflix after I watched 3 times over the Thanksgiving break. In my very very amateur and humble opinion: it is the best written teleplay of the year, as well as the best acted hour long drama this year. “Love is Love” seems to be the “IT Phrase” going around right now, and this particular episode captured that perfectly, no matter your age, gender, sexual orientation…Love is love. 

Anyway, I am borrowing the character of Yorkie, one  of the two main character from that episode, played by the wonderful Mackenzie Davis as the second part of my make 1980 movie poster illustration. We got Wilfred yesterday, and now we got Mackenzie, just a few more pieces and lets see if I can pull this off. 

Please do go and watch San Junipero.

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