Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

Mackenzie Davis (Unused Version)



So this is based on a photo taken by Michael Buckner for the AFI Fest 2016. I sketched the head last week because I wanted another concept of the fake movie poster I am making: Instead of having the two main characters looking away at the center of the poster, perhaps it would be interesting to have them looking at each other. Then I decided not to do it that way and left that sketch as is and forgot about it for a few days. Cut to Last night, I came home not drunk but drunkish…(if that is a word) and wanted to spend a few hours in the F.U. Donuts world before I crash, as I was flipping through my sketchbook. I spotted the unfinished sketch and decided to go to down with it a bit. I don’t know if the end result is good, but here it is. I think the color combo works and I can use that for another piece. 

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