Ray Wang's Art Works Blog

F.U. Donuts (Various Characters, Vehicles, Locations and Other Designs For My Comic)

WAITING WAITING_extendeddod_tac_armourdrop_ship_sketchesmother_bomb

type42T.A.C. armor for the Federation Talkers Troops, The concept sketches for Federation Drop ship, The sketches for the Mother Bomb. These are all images from World War 2.5, which will be in the prologue of the F.U. donuts volume 1


leonard_official_portraitSon of a War Hero, adopted by Chief Bearstein and his wife after the war, where he and his brother Freddy learned how to make world class donuts and various technical and fighting skills. Below are Leonard’s various “Toys” that he use to indulge his hobby in crime fighting.

boom_suitPure sonic POWER!






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