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Katie Bouman and Black hole



Just paying my respect to Dr. Katie Bouman for helping us come face to face with black hole. Thank you Dr. Bouman!

Julian Assange



Personally I think Julian Assange is a hero, I am sadden by his arrest today, I hope he will fight his way out. What he and the people of Wikileaks did changed the world forever. It takes a truck load of courage to do so. 

Immigrants, Refugees and Caravan



Drawing inspired by the photo of John Moore for Getty Images and used by the Guardian

There are a lot of talks about immigrants, refugees and caravans lately. Whatever your opinion, whatever you think this country should do. All I ask is you put yourself in their shoes for a minute, for five minutes, or ten. I am an immigrant, and I could become a refugee, and so could you, so could all of us. We could find ourselves in a caravan, trying to find a safe place to rest. Just, take a minute and put yourself in their shoes. Perhaps you will think things differently. 


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